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On this page we will go over all your options one by one to clear a bit of the confusion around all those different offers. You can select the best Skinny Combo for you by simply comparing all the options available on our charts.

Just to be clear: Skinny is a prepaid mobile network provider. There is no long-term contract commitment with or without a Combo. For example, charge your credit with NZ$40, use 10 NZ$4 a week Combos (without going over the Combo's limits), and you should have NZ$0 credit remaining. You can choose to stop paying and leave the country.

With a Skinny Combo you will get great value no matter which Combo you choose. Whether you have the latest smartphone and are after a stack of data, or are just looking for an all-round good value with no term contract, you'll find the perfect Combo for you right here. Giving you ridiculous value and the flexibility to control your spending, all you have to do is choose which Combo you want. Best of all, they are all NZ$4 - NZ$5 per week.

Let's make it simple and begin with a chart to help you compare objectively the different Combos and what they offer each week.

Combo Busy fingers Loose Lips Data Weekly Standard rates
        No combo
Phone Start at NZ$25 Start at NZ$25 Start at NZ$25 Start at NZ$25
Weekly Cost NZ$4 NZ$4 NZ$5 None
Minutes 15 minutes 60 minutes - NZ$0.39 / minute
Texts 750 texts 100 texts - NZ$0.08 / text
Data 60 Mb 60 Mb 250 Mb NZ$0.39 / Mb
PTX-MMS NZ$0.39 / PTX NZ$0.39 / PTX NZ$0.39 / PTX NZ$0.39 / PTX
Customer feedback Great for TXT addict Most chosen! Get a 3G USB key
to get internet on the go
Easy and cheap

Need more? You can add-on data and value to your combo if you want to. For example, you can turn Loose Lips into a cool smartphone plan by adding the add-on Data 200 for just an extra NZ$4 per week. That would give you 60 minutes, 100 texts and 260MB per week.

Addons Talk 80 Text 250 Data 40 Data 200 Data 600
Weekly cost NZ$4 NZ$1 NZ$1 NZ$4 NZ$8
What you get 80 minutes calling 250 texts 40 MB 200 MB 600 MB

The Weekly Combos

Great value, easy to use.

The best way to live Skinny is to roll with one of the NZ$4 - NZ$5 weekly Combos.

First, let's take a moment to talk about Loose Lips. It's kind of a big deal. You get 60 minutes calling to any New Zealand network, 60 MBs of data, and 100 texts each week! No less badass are the amazing offerings Busy Fingers and Data Weekly.

These Combos auto-renew each week unless cancelled or you don't have enough credit. So keep your phone topped-up to keep your Combo going.

Combos are for national use only. If you go over the Combo's limits, additional usage charges apply (see overage rates). Texts are person to person. Fair use policy and Skinny terms and charges apply.

You can change your Weekly Combo at any time. Simply log into the Skinny website or on the Skinny app, unsubscribe from your current combo, and then sign up to a new one.

If you don't subscribe to one of the Weekly Combos, the standard rates will apply.

Busy Fingers
15 minutes calling
to any network in NZ
750 texts
to any network in NZ
60 MB data
Loose Lips
60 minutes calling
to any network in NZ
100 texts
to any network in NZ
60 MB data
Data Weekly
250 MB data   Plus Get more data with an Add-on

The Skinny Add-Ons

Need a little added extra to your NZ$4 - NZ$5Combo?

With Skinny, if you have an active Weekly Combo, you can get a phone call Add-on to keep your lips warm, a text Add-on to keep those fingers busy, or get one of three data Add-ons to keep your love of bytes well catered for.

You can buy your Add-on then pretty much forget about it - it'll auto-renew every week at the same time as your Weekly Combo. The charge will come out of your prepaid balance, unless you cancel it online or don't have enough credit. There are even options for a one-off Add-on, which means it can be used for a limited time and will not auto-renew.

Just remember: to buy an Add-on you've got to have an active Weekly Combo.

Like with a Combo, if you exceed your weekly data, texts or minutes allowance, you'll then be charged at the overage rates.

The Add-ons available are:

Talk 80
80 minute calling
to any network in NZ
NZ$4 a week
Text 250
250 texts
to any network in NZ
NZ$1 a week
Data 40
40 MB data NZ$1 a week
Data 200
200 MB data NZ$4 a week
Data 600
600 MB data NZ$8 a week

Standard Rates

Very flexible!

Think of these prices as a backup, as the best option for most users is definitely to roll with our Weekly Combo. But if you just don't want to have one, this is what prices are available.

As of April 2013 Skinny mobile offered a standard rate much cheaper than the other companies in New Zealand.

Texting was 10-30% cheaper than the competition.

Calling was 10-20% cheaper than the competition.

Data was 20% cheaper than the competition.

The Standard rates are:

Standards rates
20¢ a minute calling
to any NZ network
20¢ a text
to any NZ network
20¢ per MB data 50¢ per MMS
to any NZ network

Overage Rates

When you have used up your Weekly Combo.

Overage rates apply if you have an active weekly Combo or Add-on and have used all the allocated minutes, texts or data under that Combo or any Add-ons you may have.

The Overage Rates are:

Overage Rates
43¢ a minute calling
to any NZ network
a text
to any NZ network
Buy an addon

International Calling

When you have used up your Weekly Combo.

While standard Skinny rates for international calling and texts are pretty reasonable, there are better rates to selected countries when you are on any active NZ$4 a week Combo (Loose Lips, Busy Fingers, or Love Bytes).

The countries which we have ridiculously low rates when you are on any active Combo are: Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, Fiji, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, United Kingdom, USA, and Vanuatu. Some of these countries have a different rate between calling landlines and mobiles.

Skinny offers great rates starting at only 6¢ per minute to call overseas.

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