6 reasons to start your Working Holiday in Queenstown

Bungy Jump Queenstown

Why start your working holiday in the "Adventure Capital of New Zealand"? With stunning Lord of the Rings' scenery, heaps of activities, and a great place to easily meet other working holidaymakers, jump straight into the New Zealand gap year you have been dreaming about!

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Here are six reasons to start your working holiday in Queenstown.

1. Start in the heart of the adventure

Queenstown is one of the most popular backpacker destinations in New Zealand. Packed with adrenaline activities, surrounded by stunning mountain and lake scenery, and a bustling town with other backpackers just like you, Queenstown is the working holiday in New Zealand you envisioned.

2. We are based here!

You will have the support of Working Holiday Starter to kickstart your working holiday in Queenstown! We'll help you sort out your bank account, get a New Zealand tax number, and all the nitty-gritty paperwork involved with doing a working holiday in New Zealand.

In between looking for work (which we help you with too), get loads of discounts on activities and local advice so you can make the most of Queenstown while you're here. Just check out our Starter Pack for more details.

3. Find a job fast!

Queenstown is a town that often relies on seasonal workers to run. Whether it's working in the ski fields in winter or working at a bar in the busy town in summer, Queenstown needs workers like you throughout the year. This is perfect for working holidaymakers who want to work for a few months but also want to take the time to travel the country.

What's more, we are here to help you land the right job for you, whether you want to take advantage of the jobs available in Queenstown or work in another New Zealand destination. Check out our Starter Pack to find out more.

4. An ideal base for day trips

Queenstown is in an ideal central location of the southern South Island. Make the most of your days off work by taking day trips to Glenorchy, Wanaka or Milford Sound, for instance. For those longer missions, there are some amazing multi-day trips to be had when exploring Fiordland National Park, Dunedin and Stewart Island.

5. Cheaper travel deals

Once you are ready to leave Queenstown and start exploring the rest of New Zealand, you will be one of the few travelling south to north. This often means getting cheaper deals on bus passes, rental vehicles and finding more affordable second-hand cars to buy.

6. Queenstown is epic year-round

Queenstown is a great place to start your working holiday in New Zealand because no matter what season you arrive in the town, there's always something going on.

Arrive in summer (December-February) and you will have the famous long sunny days by the lake to enjoy with plenty of vineyard jobs to be found.

Autumn (March-May) is a great time to arrive in Queenstown to start applying for jobs in the busy winter season and to see Queenstown at its most peaceful.

Arrive in winter (June-August), and you have the benefit of the ski fields being open and the mountains covered in snow.

Finally, spring (September-November) gives you the best of both worlds: the slopes for yourself for spring skiing and hiking and mountain biking trails to yourself before the busy summer season arrives.

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